Aim:- To study synthesis of Chitosan- Alginate nanoparticles.


Aim:- To study synthesis of Chitosan- Alginate nanoparticles.


Chemicals: CaCl2 (.20gm, 1% w/v), sodium alginate in 250 ml and chitosan(50ml)

Others:- Stirrer, measuring flask, vessels, beaker, distilled water, pipettes.

Procedure:- Chitosan / Alginate nanoparticle formulation in two step process based on ionotropic pre-gelation previously discribed but modified according to the ideal preparation. CaCl2 (7.5ml) was added dropwise to sodium alginate solution ( 117.5 ml, 0.0063% w/v) to induce gelation. It is stirred for 60 minutes and then 25 ml of chitosan solution  was added dropwise along with constant stirring for 90 minutes. Drug was incoporate at the rate 1mg/ml to sodium alginate solution in step one itself, before adding CaCl2 for gelation. Nanoparticles were concentrated by centrifugation at 11,500 rpm for 40 min . Nanoparticles thus formed were analyzed for particle size . The optimized nanoparticles were frozen at -80°C for 4 hours followed by lyophillization on freeze dryer ( Alpha 2 -4 LD plus ) for 24 hours at 90°C  at 0.0010 mbar using mannitol ( 1% W/V ) cscycprotectant .

RESULT :-    Chitosan Alginate nanoparticles has been obtained.






















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