Varied Career Options for Biological Sciences Students- Career in Biological Sciences


Biological science has taken its vast role in today’s world. There are many students who opt for this stream with the aim to have a deep knowledge about the various biological organisms and also with a curiosity to serve the living creatures in a much better way through their study experiences. Now if you are one among them who is interested in such a stream and are not able to decide what course would suit you the best, then this article will really assist you in a very fair way. In the following section of this article, we will be discussing some of the career options which a biological science student can go for his best professional life.

Career in Biological Sciences Career Option Advice

Starting with a course which would provide you with a highly intense place in hospitals, Diploma or degree course in Anesthesia technology, which would give you a chance to work as an anesthesia technician; this would be a really great option for you. And this is so because there is a high demand for Anesthesia technician, especially in the Middle East countries. You can go for such course after your class 12th and during your course tenure; you will be given both theoretical and practical exposure at various hospitals. A person can make a good amount of money through this profession. Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Patna; Amritha University of Medical Sciences, Kochi; Manipal college of allied health science etc are some of the reputed colleges where you can go for this course

One more option for biology students to choose for their career is Horticulture, may it be a diploma, or P.G diploma, or Ph.D. in Horticulture; anyone who has got good command over arts and science of gardening can take this course after the B.Sc in Agriculture. Here the students learn how to cultivate plants, fruits, vegetables etc. A fresher in this coursework in a Government set up can start his salary from around 15,000 /- per month. The deeper you go in the course study; the better is your professional career. University of Mumbai, Aligarh Muslim university etc are some of the known universities offering this course.

It is so very true that even after so many years of development in our country; India is still suffering from malnutrition. Related to this issue, here we are to talk about a wonderful career option, i.e diploma in nutrition and dietetics which a student can prefer soon after his 12th std. here you learn about the nutritive value of various foods, how to advise people about proper diet and nutrition, etc. After your course, you get a chance to work in various hospitals, clinics, welfare programs, fitness and sports center etc. IGONOU, Lady Irvin College, Delhi; JD Birla Institute, Kolkatta etc are some of the institutions offering these courses.

Every patient’s life is in hands of doctors. However, doctors do believe in various lab reports or the diagnostic reports, which are done by the lab technician. So, all as a whole it can be said that these guys dealing with various tests, diagnostics in hospitals and clinics have a got a really great importance. Our next course is all about this technology, i.e Medical laboratory technology. You may go for a diploma, P.G. Diploma or even higher certificates on the same. A science student can apply for Diploma course of 2-3 years after his class 12th. Government medical college, Aurangabad; Manipal college of allied science etc are some of the colleges offering this course.

Diploma in Dairy technology is another diploma course which a student can opt for after his class 12th and can develop skills to work with dairy processing. India is the world’s largest producer of milk. So you can imagine how important this course can be to earn you good revenue soon after your diploma in various dairy industries as milk tester, dairy plant operator, quality control assistant etc. Allahabad agricultural institute is one of the most highly known institutes offering this course.

Diploma in general nursing is another career option for science students, where after the course a student can be placed in some good health service organization and can earn more than 10,000 rs per month. Bharathi Vidyapeeth University, Maharishi Markendeswar university etc are some of the good institutions offering this course to students passing class 12th.

Now choices are many. All is up to you, which one you want to prefer. So take your time, go well with your studies, and career is all yo

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